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HRA is pleased to offer reagents for diagnosis of West Nile Virus in animals through an agreement with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The reagents and patent-pending process for detection of antibodies to West Nile Virus are available to state, commercial, and research laboratories for in-house diagnostic testing of horses, dogs and cats. Commercial companies interested in offering West Nile diagnostic kits to their clients may also access these reagents through sublicensing agreements with HRA. (see Tab Contact Us for more information)

  1. Laboratories interested in utilizing the patent pending CDC diagnostic process may purchase reagents through Hennessy Research Associates.
  2. Sublicensing opportunities with HRA are available for companies interested in producing diagnostic test kits for direct sale to veterinarians.

    For more information on sublicensing this technology, see Tab Contact Us

  3. Available Reagents
    • West Nile Virus Antigen
    • Negative Controls
    • Monoclonal Antibody
    • Polyclonal Antibodies
      • Goat anti-equine IgM
      • Goat anti-canine IgM
      • Goat anti-feline IgM

        For ordering information, see Tab Order Center

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